The Magestic Bride

Elie Saab Haute Couture SS 2015

ElieSaabHauteCoutureSS201510081008 ElieSaabHauteCoutureSS201510091009 ElieSaabHauteCoutureSS201510101010 ElieSaabHauteCoutureSS201510111011 ElieSaabHauteCoutureSS201510121012

During the period of Haute Couture one gets the opportunity to see many amazing creations come down the catwalk, with different styles and inspirations. But some may just leave a BIG mark because of the size, the originality, the model you name it, but there is one dress you are not sure to forget as it is quiet difficult, the Bride of Elie Saab, gigantic, majestic, grand, most probably Queen Elizabeth of Marie Antoinette would be in the waiting list of these 700 hours of work dress. As the model walks down the catwalk you see her own overwhelming moment when she closes her eyes and sighs along with us. Yes this dress may be for another dimention where you get married not in a church but a Cathedral, I don’t know what car can take you to the weeding and most of all how will you succeed to dance with the groom!! Who knows! I guess some people have all that already figured out! In the mean time I am happy just to watch and have some dreams about it!

Be Outrageous



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