Giambattista Valli SS 2015

Giambattista Valli 2015

GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture986986 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture992992 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture985985 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture987987  GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture988988 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture991991 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture993993 GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture989989GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture990990GiambattistaValliss2015_Couture994994

As a normal girl visiting this fashion universe on a regular basis I have to say Couture will always take my breath away. Produce emotions, smiles and dreams, these collections that very few will wear and in most cases are made to create advertising to major brands (the beautiful dress that everybody will see in the next Vogue cover or Oscar nominated star but almost no one can buy) Yet we can all have a fantasy about, wether is marrying some prince charming that does not exist or get coronated to be queens (maybe that is more possible than prince charming, we can always be queens of our lives!)

I will post soon of the wonderful collections I have see, but I post today of Giambattista Valli who maybe is not as innovative as Raf Simmons and his artsy-time traveling collection or the eclectic Schiaparelli that has taken many cheers from the press,   why? because I think his dresses can make dream almost any girl in the planet, wether they are fashion “connoisseurs” or simple girls that just dream to be a princess for a day, I guess there is a larger population of the lather. 😉

Be Royal


Yavidan V.

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