Hermes Bal De Soie

Silk Magic

Hermes_Bal_De_Soie Hermes_Bal_De_soie3 Hermes_Bal_de_Soie6 Hermes_Bal_de_Soie4 Hermes_Bal_de_Soie2 Hermes_bal_De_soie8 Hermes_Bal_De_soie9 HermesBaldeSoie_JhonyHallyday

Last week , I had the opportunity to go to the Annual Hermes Bal, this year the theme was around silk, scarves and masks. I was impressed of what they can do with some silk scarves , from deer ears to emblematic grid cages, these kind of evening remind me always of my teacher on my master that used to describe, theatrical evenings made my luxury house, where a story was staged and everybody dressed for the part. And yes the legendary Johny Halladay was there with his lovely wife! It is nice to once in a while go from reality to the dream.

Be Theatrical.



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