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Jeff Koons

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I have not written in my blog for 4 months!! I feel so bad about it, but I am in the middle of re-designing it and many personal things, and in the middle of that I was loosing the “Why, I do what I do” perspective which I believe is key in all we do, specially if you invest so much time on it.

I got my reminder, I do what I do because I like to share beauty and inspiration, I love to do this whenever it is possible and there is nothing that gives me more joy. Beauty through images and inspiration through words and the people I cross paths with.

Yesterday a close friend invited me to see the conference of Jeff Koons in the Georges Pompidou museum in regard of his recent 35 years retrospective, I was happy to go considering Koons is the most expensive living artist, one of the first creations of his “Dog Balloon” series was sold for 58 Million dollars, quite a mind blowing concept for me, so I was just curious and not expecting any great thing.

 But then he started talking and I was deeply impressed, his clarity, kindness, and tenacity, filled with some deep concepts here and there, specifically? When it comes to what he creates it all comes down to the viewer and his perspective and as he see’s his art he comes to the conclusion that he is perfect just as he is… no judgments, no anything! Now this sounds like a personal development tape, but he truly said that and to kick it up a notch he was playing constantly with the concept of “self”, “consciousness”, “Universe” , “connectedness”, “biology” and “energy”, a vocabulary you expect maybe Deepak Chopra or Oprah to use, not Jeff Koons. I would not compare them in any way but is deeply appreciated that he sees himself as part of something much bigger than himself instead of just himself which is the case of many artists and takes the “purpose” of giving a deep message through work that may seem a little to mundane or “kitch”.

In any case it was a very entertaining conference with a touch of enlightenment, I am officially a fan even though I will not understand the price of his creations, but at least now I have a theory for it, he is just connected to the universe, biggest source of abundance.

 Be Connected.



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