Miss Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier SS2015

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Jean Paul Gaultier announced last week that this would be his last pret-a-porter show, that he would concentrate his efforts in Couture and his perfumes. For all those who adore him it would be a hole in the calendar of fashion week, but I am sure it will fill us of surprises in Couture. But of course someone like Gaultier will not say goodbye to something quietly, he will make a show, a party a total – Gaultieric Experience -. This time he took over the iconic Parisian theater REX that holds 3000 people (every single seat was taken) and created his own Miss Jean Paul Gaultier contest, featuring different categories from Smoking to Vintage passing through glam, the special editor category and Lucha libre! I am happy to see there was something of Mexico in the last show :). Jean Paul may not be the biggest commercial success in the every day clothes he has in mind for us but he is a huge success on making us smile, dream a little and forget the very “flat” scene that many catwalks have today.

Be Extraordinaire.



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