Aganovich SS2015


AganovichSS2015092514688 AganovichSS2015092514692 AganovichSS2015092514690 AganovichSS2015092514686 AganovichSS2015092514689 AganovichSS2015092514693 AganovichSS2015092514687 AganovichSS2015092514699 AganovichSS2015092514694 AganovichSS2015092514695 AganovichSS2015092514691 AganovichSS2015092514697 AganovichSS2015092514698 AganovichSS2015092514700 AganovichSS2015092514701 AGANOVICHSS2015

Each season the duo of Aganovich consolidates their unique style of construction and de-construction to create their individual vision on skirts, dresses, semi-dresses and my favorite the white shirt, between romance and darkness some of their pieces can  become wearable art-piece in your wardrobe. They have mastered mixing forms and fabrics playing with jacquards, silks and taffetas. I am happy that Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor are creating their authentic place in this pret-a-porter universe where it is becoming every day more hard to become truly original.

Be Yourself.



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