Jacquemus SS 2015

Jacquemus092414669 Jacquemus092414670 Jacquemus092414671 Jacquemus092414672 JacquemusSS2105092414679 Jacquemus092414673 Jacquemus092414675 JacquemusSS2105 Jacquemus092414676 Jacquemus092414677 JacquemusSS2105 JacquemusSS2105092414678 Jacquemus092414674 JacquemusSS2105092414680 JacquemusSS2105092414681 JacquemusSS2105092414683 JacquemusSS2105092414684 JacquemusSS2105092414685

For his presentation of his SS2015 show, Simon Porte Jacquemus took us on a very joyful trip to his childhood in the South of France at the sunny coast of Marseille, Joyful colors, Cabana Stripes and Upbeat music took us a small summer escapade french style. Like in past seasons Jacquemus played with the construction/deconstruction of new shapes and lines. I particularly like his shows as they are upbeat and happy which is not always the case inside Fashion Shows, all the girls have the genuine innocence and joy that puts a smile in your face.

Be Happy.



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