The Shiva of Moncler

Moncler’s A/W 2014 Campaign

JOSHUAs-Moncler-FW-14-15-by-Annie-Leibovitz_OctopusJOSHUAs-Moncler-FW-14-15-by-Annie-Leibovitz_Building JOSHUAs-Moncler-FW-14-15-by-Annie-Leibovitz_Statue JOSHUAs-Moncler-FW-14-15-by-Annie-Leibovitz_Tower

I have been awayyyy a long time from my blog, but no worries I am back :). And I start with a great inspiration, the latest Moncler A/W 2014-15 campaign shot by no other than Annie Leibovitz. As I was flipping through the latest Vogue checking out all the new ads of the season many are same old, same old, I came cross to this compelling Shiva Man in his orange down jacket, you can’t help but stop and you shall keep it in your mind. The rest of the campaign is very nice too promoting the brand’s core product. This campaign was quite a shift from Bruce Webbers black and white that where also very nice. Wether it is the advertising, their shows, sales or top notch technology Moncler is just getting better and better every season, if they continue like this we might as well wear them in our future trips to the moon!

Be Stellar.


Yavidan V

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