Antonio Ortega Couture

Mexican Dreams

AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8418 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8420 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8421 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8422 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8423 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8459 AntonioOrtegaCouture2015_8460

This last Haute Couture week I was very happy to see the first show in Paris of Mexican designer Antonio Ortega , a mix of inspirations where between lines you could see his roots, but I felt this dress was the most majestic, having the feathers that reminded me of the majestic “penachos” or headdress that high priests wore in the time of the Aztecs, the one of Moctezuma is the most famous. It was a sweet moment to see the Antonio as he came out to bow at the end, you could feel the big excitement of an accomplished dream, he has already shown his collection in New York and Montreal but Paris opens his horizons to new levels. Congratulations Paizano!

Be Majestic,




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