Vionnet Demi Couture FW 2014


VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8379 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8390 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8383 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8381 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8382 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8384 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8386 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8405 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8388 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8403 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8391 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8395 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8394 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8402 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8398 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8399 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8401 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8406 VionnetDemiCoutureFW2014_8407

Madeleine Vionnet in her high times was “The Architect among dressmakers”, indeed Hussein Chalayan has taken seriously the statement, as each an every  dress in the last Fall Winter Demi Couture 2015 show  was a piece on its own,  volumes, structures, the air of a Greek Goddess and the unmistakable avant-garde touch given by him through extraordinary 3D fabrics and textures, that affirmed the style of Madame Vionnet but took it to the 21st century.

She would be proud.

Be Structural




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