Oscar Carvallo Couture

Backstage Magic

OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014IMG_8670 OscarCarvalloCouturefw2015_8632 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8686 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8738 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8741 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8750 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8633 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8751 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8755 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8791 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8806 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8763 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8807 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2015_8736 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8759 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8760 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8764 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8780 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8782 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8778 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8808 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8802 OscarCarvalloCoutureFW2014_8787

My favorite moments of Haute Couture Week are backstage Oscar Carvallo, the energy, the excitement, the passion and the creativity. Backstage has the magic or raw spontaneity that the catwalk does not have, the frenzy of the stylists getting ready the girls, the models “hanging out” as they wait doing selfies and playing with their phones, and of course the Designer flying back and forth giving ok or not to everything. I love it, it is the reality behind a fashion show. This season Oscar showed an amazing collection with different volumes and craftsmanships proving season by season he can be as creative as always, provoking surprise and standing ovation at the end of the show! That is why we like him.

Be Creative,




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