The Modern Marie Antoinette of Dior

Dior Haute Couture FW 2014

DiorHauteCoutureFW2015IMG_7802 DiorHauteCouturefw2014_7889 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7803 DiorHauteCoutureFW2014_7890 DiorHauteCOutureFW2015_7796 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015IMG_7800 DiorHauteCoutureFW2014_7891Marie Antoinette 16 copy DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7805 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7887image00 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7799 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7888 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015_7892marie-antoinette-summer-dresses1 DiorHauteCoutureFW2015IMG_7885 DiorHauteCouturefw2015_7798DiorHautecouturefw2014IMG_7863 DiorHauteCouturefw2015IMG_7886

For this Haute Couture fall winter collection Raf Simmons created an oval where the wall where all covered  with Orchids from head to toe, a very romantic scene, more spring than winter but a compelling frame to his creations.  The opening dresses where a modern interpretation of the dresses of Marie Antoinette , narrow tops with exaggerated bottoms, of course not that exaggerated softer fabrics and a total romantic flair, one could feel like a princess but not like a queen!  The stars of the show was Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson whom I was peeping from a distance, soon the post to come.

Be Majestic




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