Paris de Janeiro

Kia Cabana








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Last week I had the chance to have a little trip to Brazil within Paris just in the side of Pont Alexandre III, Kia as the official sponsor of The World Cup 2014 created a unique venue called KIA CABANA to be able to see the matches and feel in some way we are in Brazil. Authentic brazilian cuisine from churrasquino to faujada , compelling Bossa Nova with the voice of brazilian singer Mathildinha and discover more about Capoeira (I discovered girls could do it too!!) with the group Abada Capoeira and Taroubi Wahid Mosta all with a wonderful Champagne Mojito in the hand, and of course an opportunity to see in an exclusive way live the match of the day. What else can we desire? Maybe having the handsome players live???… We can always dream ;), it is easy when you are in an Oasis in the middle of Paris.

The venue is open until July 13th, so if you are with an urge to have a quick escape to Brazil don’t miss it!

Be Surprised,




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