Franca Sozzani, Fashionable Inspirational

Fashionable HIt


Franca Sozzani is my favorite editor in inside the Conde Nast power list. Her unique bold approach to fashion that she expresses through her magazine, editorials and personal flair, makes her unique in her times. There is no other personality in fashion that invests that much of her time and her voice on issues that make a difference, accepting that fashion as an industry has true responsibility to make a a difference having all that communications and influence power. Thanks to her hands on involvement, Sozzani has been named Global Ambassador of Hunger by the UN, engaging her self to invest time in helping develop programs with creativity and passion to better the life of women and girl in Africa so they not only have enough food but a chance of a better life. It is very inspiring and a wonderful example for all of us that are in fashion to join people like her and use our voice to make a difference however we can. Brava la Sozzani!

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