Ina Beissner

Citizen of the World

Ina_Beissner_4745 Ina Beissner_4751 Ina_Beissner_4747 Ina-Beissner_4748 Ina-Beissner_4749 Ina_Beissner_4746

I met  Ina Beissner  last fashion week thanks to a close friend. Ina is a talented jewelry designer that was born in Lima but grew up between Latin America and Europe. She always wanted to be in fashion, studying fashion design and then working in some great labels like Proenza Schouler, PR Consulting and Spanish Vogue. But at some point she decided she wanted to be independent and instead of clothes she went with jewelry, first studying Jewlery  in the Istituto Europeo di Design. In 2010 she finally decided to create her brand under her name. In four years she has developed an elegant style that is both sophisticated and wearable everyday becoming the perfect accent to your wardrobe. Her “icon” or “symbol” is the bell. In different sizes, in gold or silver she has created unique pieces with the magical bell that make her items recognizable at the first regard. After just four years she is sold in some of the best retailers in the world like Colette in Paris and Voo store in Berlin. People would do anything to be in Colette, if this has been in 4 years we will see what happens in the next :). Stay Tuned.

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