Show Tees in Paris

Show Tees

Show Tees_5987 Show_Tees_5984 Show Tees_5995 Show_Tees_5985 Show_Tees_5974 Show Tees_6054 Show Tees_6014 Show_Tees_6003 Show tees_6057 Show Tees_6017 Show tees_6061 Show_Tees_6080 Show_Tees_6106 Show Tees_6114 Show_Tees_6098 Show_Tees_6084

I always get excited to know brands created by people that follow their hearts and passion to bring them to life. ShowTees  is one of them. After a  family vacation in the forever inspiring Big Apple, Mahesh D’souza decided to take a chance on his calling a create a unique t shirts that would embody his passions: music, culture, art, dancing and travelling. The result a fresh brand that inspires you to move, be yourself and make your mark in the world. More than a brand is a philosophy as Manesh hopes with his story inspire others to follow their dreams and do what is necessary to make them a reality, take risks and practice like a professional athlete, as like everything practice makes perfect. Show Tees  is based in Virginia, and with this post we wanted to bring the inspiration to Paris. A special thanks to Manesh for sending  us the tshirts and Bibiana Gimenez for modeling another inspiring story as she also followed her calling to create her own jewelry line.  

Be Inspired,



Yavidan V

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