John Galliano SS 2014

John_Galliano_0139 John_Galliano_0126 John_Galliano_0140 John_Galliano_0130  John_Galliano_IMG_0115 John-Galliano_0143

The last Galliano ss 2014 show had an interesting assortment of color. There where some pastels (mint-pistachio, two of the most challenging tones in the catalogue) but there was pink too, I liked specially the dark one of the long dress. It is the kind of tone that will enhance your look with some girlieness, but bit that much to be too much. So here are my favorite pink moments of the show. Don’t miss the caps, a little like Maxime Simoens, designers is trying to re-invent the classic sport hats.

Be Girly but not too much,




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