Zuhair Murad SS 2014

ZuhairMurad_3027 ZuhairMurad_3031 ZuhairMurad_3036 ZuhairMurad_3039 ZuhairMurad_3040 ZuhairMurad_3068 ZuhairMurad_3046 ZuhairMurad_3049 ZuhairMurad_3053 ZuhairMurad_3064 ZuhairMurad_3070 ZuhairMurad_3071

I have to say that Zuhair Murad is stepping on Elie Saab’s feet at steady pace, this is his third season in the official Haute Couture Calendar and every day he makes us dream of being “the princess” of the night as with his dresses I think there is no other thing we can be! I am really happy to sees his brand grow as he is one of my favorite designers and I like him a lot as a person, he is not just tremendously talented he is sweet and humble. Also on a personal level some of my best pictures I took in his presentations before he made this big shows. Like this one.

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