Riccardo Tisci and Betty Ditto



I love celebrity-designer moments, I think between those moments are some bits of history of icons of a time from different fields  getting together, and those congratulations moments sometimes have that very human touch, like this one of Betty Ditto who I adore, she has the most wonderful aura, backstage as I saw her I told her she looked great , she smiled shyly and reassured with a nice thank you and said you too! .  Wich she did look amazing I think she is a wonderful example that it is more about how you feel in your body that the body that makes you charismatic, not being a skinny girl she just has a glow we would all have to learn from  while we are suffering for our thighs or stomachs. We just should enjoy ourselves and our lives. I got carried away, going back to the moment she managed to get through all of Riccardo’s fans to get that star moment. Just perfect.

Be You,




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