Chic Sport

Maxime Simoens SS 2014 MaximeSimmoensss2014IMG_0002 MaximeSimmoensss2014IMG_0003 MaximeSimmoensSS2014IMG_0030 MaximeSimmoensSS2014IMG_0044 Maximesimmoensss2014IMG_0014 MaximeSimmoensss2014IMG_0040 MaximeSimmoensss2014IMG_0043 MaximeSimmoensss2014IMG_0039

Maxime Simmoens will turn 30 this year, at this young age he has had quite a successful career, he has worked for some of the top designers like Galliano and Elie Saab, yet early he decided to go independent and create his own brand. while building his brand he became director of Leonard for one year in 2012. In 2013 LVMH Group bought the brand as part of their strategy on  investing on the most promising talents. Last September was the first show after the deal. Bigger and more glamourous Simmoens put his bet in Sport-futuristic-chic, I am in love with the golden tennis hat! Will se how the brand developed in the following months under the wings of LVMH.

Be Sporty,




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