Michele Lamy : The Muse of Rick Owens


Behind every great man there is a woman, and indeed it is the case of the eclectic Rick Owens, I confess I did not know he was married and he had a muse… but what is true is that at the Gareth Pugh show last season I saw for the first time Rick Owens and beside him Michele Lamy (not the woman with the glasses 🙂 ) the one with the intense gaze that would intrigue you for sure. Before making this post I made some research on her and I understand why she is his muse, she has been a lawyer, film producer, restauranteur, artist and now the right hand of Owens to design and manage his brand, a true creative, the perfect compliment for this rock star of fashion. Second confession they both look they come from the future or another planet, one of those 5th element or Star War movies, I mean that in a good way as I am real fan of Owens and his vision, he is a true avant-garde.

Be a Muse,




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