Cruz Diez y Oscar Carvallo

Kinetic Fashion

Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3392 Cruz-CArvalloIMG_3373 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3370 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3372 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3375 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3379 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3376 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3377 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3399 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3381 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3401 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3404 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3407 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3408 Cruz-CarvalloIMG_3412

Last week it was the opening of the exhibition of Kinetic Art master Cruz Diez and Latinamerican Couture sensation Oscar Carvallo, who last January collaborated with Diez to create an extraordinary collection mixing art and fashion. This time they came together to exhibit their work at the Galerie Denise Rene in the heart of the Marais, the result: a true experience as it is more insightful to see both the dresses and the works that inspired them. It was a real pleasure to be there and meet Mr.Cruz Diez in person who is not only such a talented man but such a nice person in every sense and of course support my most talented friend Oscar. If you come to Paris top by the exhibition you will fall in love.

Mix together,




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