Art Paris 2014

Top Choices

ArtParis2014MG_3466 ArtParis2014IMG_3490 ArtParis2014IMG_3488 ArtParis2014IMG_3487 ArtParis2014IMG_3485 ArtParis2014IMG_3482 ArtParis2014IMG_3468 ArtParis2014IMG_3470 ArtParis2014IMG_3472 ArtParis2014IMG_3475 ArtParis2014IMG_3477 ArtParis2014IMG_3479 ArtPAris2014IMG_3464 ArtParis2014IMG_3462 ArtParis2014IMG_3458 ArtParis2014IMG_3457 ArtParis2014IMG_3455 ArtParis2014IMG_3454 ArtParis2014IMG_3440 artparis2014IMG_3441 ArtParis2014IMG_3443 ArtParis2014IMG_3445 ArtParis2014IMG_3451ArtParis2014IMG_3433ArtParis2014IMG_3422ArtParis2014IMG_3431ArtParis2014IMG_3418ArtParis2014IMG_3423ArtParis2014IMG_3425ArtParis2014IMG_3439ArtParis2014IMG_3458ArtParis2014IMG_3429

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Art Paris show. Every year I am excited to discover what the most coveted artists in the world are doing, getting ideas, getting inspired, sometimes disturbed but always entertained. This year China was the guest country, little I knew that this country who is relatively new to the scene had so many amazing talents. In the photos you will see the works that I personally liked the most, no specific reason I guess they are things that I would put in my house or buy for someone. Among my discoveries was Carlos Aires the spanish artist that plays around with dollar bills and other world currencies, I loved the Obhama and Michelle 2 dollars bill, Ye Hongxing the chinese rising star that can blow your mind away with the amazing creations made out of children stickers like (check Boudha pictures). On the photography side Donald Graham with his compelling pictures that are more than a portrait but a reflection of the soul (Indian Man), Katerina Belkina  who has a unique style and versatile muse with whom she crates all kinds of stories and scenarios, my favorite one being the two Fridas interpretation and Paolo Leonardo the italian photographer that reminds me a little of Paolo Roversi and Sara Moon with his own touch. Also some regulars like Martin Schoeller whose pictures don’t cease to impress me. But the one that impressed me the most is Lucy Glendinning with her compelling feather children, which it was the same as last year, this year Galerie Da-End presented the piece Unknown Boy, it is hard to say but this pieces leave you with weird feeling, between sad and touching, I just can’t say, at the end a true piece of art has to touch some kind of emotion in some way, I definitely prefer the positive ones. A big thank you to my dear friend Alex for such a special invitation this year.

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