Stalking Mathew Goode

Hogan FW 2014

MathewGoodeIMG_7378 MathewGoodeIMG_7377 MathewGoodeIMG_7375 MathewGoodeIMG_7380 MatthewGoodeIMG_7381 MAtthewGoodeIMG_7397 MathewGoodeIMG_7399 MAtthewGoodeIMG_7414

Last Summer during men’s fashion week, Matthew Goode made his protocol appearance at Hogan as the spoke person of the FW 2013 campaign of the brand, his participation coincided with the launch of his 2013 “weird” movie Stoker where he stars besides Nicole Kidman, at the time because of the similarity of the word (stalker) and the role he played (he stalks Nicole Kidman’s daughter in the movie), I decided it would be fun to stalk him a little and take some candid moments (stalking the stalker). I have to say it is not easy to get a bad picture of this man, he is just impeccable with those blue eyes and boyish smile, I would never buy Hogan shoes but definitely would want him :). I was happy with the result but I even forgot I tool this picture until I saw Leap Year ( a sweeter movie than  stalker, I assure) that I remembered I had the pictures!. So here it is my, to my daily knowledge thirst, stoker is actually a person who tends the furnace… I will let you watch the movie to understand why.

Be Observing,



Yavidan V.

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