The Viral First Kiss of Tatia Pilieva

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Last week I saw the famous Strangers Kiss video by Tatia Pilieva in Facebook as half of the world, liked it, shared it but I had no idea of the magnitude of this emotion enticing video. Yesterday I go to a friends house and they where interviewing in CNN the woman behind it all the creative director and founder of WREN, Melissa Coker, an American brand like any other. She made the video with the incredible budget of 1.300 dlls after convincing all actors and models to do the thing for free. The result: 63 million views in less than 10 days, sales rose 13,000 percent and visits to the site 14,000 percent. There is people causing polemic, saying the video is fake because they are actors and models that are use to “acting” in different awkward situations, maybe, but at the end the result is explosive.  As I left home from watching that 5 minutes segment it stayed with me impressed to the bone,  by the new era of communication and advertising, I come from the advertising industry I know how much brands spend on producing a video, further more how much they invest to put it out there and you will never get 63M views in 10 days, maybe in the superbowl. We live in a time where creative content and social media are king, there is hope for small brands to get their message out there with some luck and a very simple but compelling idea, social media is THE biggest media, not Conde Nast or NBC in prime time can reach the world in that incredible way.

The other thing that stayed with me is the why it had such a success? My theory is simple, at the end of the day as people we want to be entertained, impressed but deep inside we want to be touched, somewhere in our emotions, hopes, ghosts and desires, and seeing a group of strangers do what we may have had phantoms about more than once in our life with such a delicious result, inspires and touches us much more than Brad Pitt saying nonsense in the Chanel No 5 commercial which in a year got 8 Million views, I am sure Chanel spent a bit more that 1,300 dollars to do that campaign.

I think Pitt’s parodies got more clicks, as the case of Strangers Kiss, already the public got creative, here is my favorite.

This examples are a call to let our imagination, creativity and intuition flow there is no limit to where a little video, photo or message can go if he gets aspired by the Social Media Galaxy , you may end up  beyond the moon.

For me I  don’t know if I want to buy any WREN clothing but for sure I want to go kiss that attractive stranger I see everyday at my favorite café and everyday as a think big creative I will remind myself that the “BIG” Idea may just be the simplest one.

Be Extraordinaire,




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