Intelligent Girls

Didit Hediprasetyo Couture SS 2014

DiditSS2014IMG_3208 DiditSS2014IMG_3201 DiditSS2014IMG_3200 DiditSS2014IMG_3190 DiditSS2014IMG_3187 DiditSS2014IMG_3185 DiditSS2014IMG_3161 DiditSS2014IMG_3162 DiditSS2014IMG_3173 DiditSS2014IMG_3177 DiditSS2014IMG_3178

Didit Hediprasetyo this season put in advance an intellectual girl with glasses with an air of the fifties. Always mastering the use of leather combining it with other materials, sexy leather corsets with straight high pants or silk skirts, you touch the sexy arena but keeping a smart classy look.

Be Intellectual,




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