Maison Courreges

Courreges FW 2014

courregesfw2014IMG_3279 courregesfw2014IMG_3272 courregesfw2014IMG_3284 courregesfw2014IMG_3289 courregesfw2014IMG_3286 courreges2014IMG_3305 courregesfw2014IMG_3308 courregesfw2014IMG_3300 courregesfw2014IMG_3298 courregesfw2014IMG_3309 courregesfw2014IMG_3324 courregesfw2014IMG_3325 courregesfw2014IMG_3317

Jacques Bungert et Frédéric Torloting are two ex advertising executives (Ceo’s of Young and Rubicam France ) who knew nothing about fashion, but they decided in 2011 to take a new road in life with the mission of waking up the iconic house of Courreges, that has been sleeping since 2002, when the house presented its last fashion show. They took over the original headquarters, production atelier and flagship store. So all clothes are made in France like the where made since its beginning. Courreges that could be considered the Balenciga of the sixties with its ground breaking cuts and materials with a DNA so strong and relevant to these times that it has all the potential to surely gain the lost ground. I had the opportunity to take a first look to this fall winter 2014 collection and indeed it is evident that the designer team went deep in the core values and designs of the brand but being innovative in the materials used but themselves and the way they are mixed together, the dresses have all the best of the Courreges’ DNA. A big advantage to the house this season and that caught my eye after seeing all the shows of the present fashion weeks, the sixties styles in both in the pret a porter and shoes, those Courreges A line Dresses and signature boots will be an “it: next season, if not check the boots proposed by Ghesquiere in Vuitton and the sparkling boots of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. The Courreges look is in 🙂 and in advance. In conclusion the beauty has awaken at the right time.

Be Awake,




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