The Vuitton of Nicolas Ghesquiere

Louis Vuitton FW 2014

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As the days passed by during fashion week we all spoke about the collections, what we liked, what we did not , but always there was the ” Oh, I am really waiting to see what Ghesquiere will do in Vuitton, it was the culmination point of this season, a little moment in history after all the years Marc Jacobs was there and the amazing admiration Ghesquiere has built through his avant-gardism in Balenciaga we where all wondering how it would all turn out.  Just before the show we where already touched, there was no press kit in the seats but a sealed envelope with your name hand written, inside you found a letter written by Ghesquiere ( I will post tomorrow) thanking us for sharing this day with us and bowing the work of Jacobs and the legacy of the house, can we get more humble and nice than that?… I don’t think so. The collection was beautiful you can see his visionary trademark in the cuts and mix of materials and the effort to respect the codes of the house, by colors and material, a very 60’s meets the future feel. Very wearable and recognizable, the leather combinations in dresses and tops where superb. On a more general level this feels as a before an after to the shows of Vuitton, Marc Jacobs created universes and stories to show his clothes (hotels, train stations, stair cases) and the collection flew around it, Ghesquiere will be concentrated on the clothes and not the story. Which seems normal Dior with Simmons in the last seasons has shown the same. It is a good beginning for Nicolas the press is happy, he is happy is time to see if the consumers will think the same. But there is time for that. And I hope next season get his portrait as this season clapping hands blocked me!…but it is ok, one has to look forward to things in the next season :). But I confess I may miss Jacobs big imagination :).

Be Extraordinaire,




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