Peeping in the Magical Forest of McQueen

Alexander McQueen FW 2014

McQueenFw2014IMG_5358 AlexanderMcqueenfw2014IMG_5370 McQueenFw2014IMG_5360 McQueenFW2014IMG_5359 McQueenFW2014IMG_5363 McQueenFW2014IMG_5364 McQueenFw2014IMG_5368 AlexanderMcQueenFw2014IMG_5369 McQueenFW2014IMG_5371 McQueenFw2014IMG_5372 McQueenfw2014IMG_5381

This was my first ever Alexander McQueen show, I have dreamed for years to go to this show but never got a chance or an invitation but destiny and good friends make anything possible :). It was a beautiful collection, inspired in some way in paganism in the middle of the forest, I felt I was peeping in a bother world even from where I took the shots, there was a certain magic to it, besides the decoration unique songs from Bjork led the girls through this enchanted forrest. All the dresses as always are closer to Haute Couture than pret-a-porter which makes everything more magical.

Be in Nature,




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