Chanel Shopping Center

Chic Food chanelsupermarketIMG_5041 chanelsupermarket IMG_5031 ChanelsupermakertIMG_5134 chanelsupermarket IMG_5036 chanelsupermarketIMG_5039 chanelsupermarketIMG_5040 chanelsupermarketIMG_5124 chanelsupermarketIMG_5050 chanelsupermarketIMG_5048 chanelsupermarktIMG_5118 chanelsupermarketIMG_5047 chanelsupermarketIMG_5052 chanelsupermarketIMG_5045 chanelsupermarketIMG_5113 chanelsupermarketIMG_5044 chanelsupermarketIMG_5121 chanelsupermarketIMG_5043 ChanelSuperMarketss2014IMG_5131 chanelsupermarketIMG_5117 chanelsupermarketIMG_5054 chanelsupermarketIMG_5127 chanelsupermarketIMG_5055 ChanelSuperMarketIMG_5133 chanelsupermarketIMG_5132

This morning Karl Lagerfeld took us to the supermarket, the interior of the majestic Grand Palais became the equivalent of a Carrefour ( More chic of course). Every single detail was thought, all products where branded in relation to the house, names like Jambon Cambon (in honor of the street name of the  legendary boutique and apartment), Chanel pastas or teas, Boy Capel Haire Mousee (in honor of the great love of Gabrielle Chanel) and even a metal saw (So Chic Saw). Every single product had something Chanel. Karls has made amazing settings through the years  but this one has been the most ambitious it is creative power to the million. For the clothes, the only disadvantage of such a setting is that the clothes may be shadowed by such a set. For you to decide. I will comment more on the clothes on the second part. In the meanwhile just enjoy.

Be Creative,




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