Stellar Sophistication

Haider Ackermann FW 2014

HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4301 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4302 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4305 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4306 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4315 HaiderAckermanFw2014IMG_4310 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4312 HaiderAckermanFw2014IMG_4317 HaiderAckermanFW2014IMG_4332 HaiderAckermanFW2014IMG_4338 HaiderAckermanfw2014IMG_4341


It is very few times that people give a long clapping ovation to designers, this morning the crowed cheered for the powerful sophisticated collection that Haider Akermann presented in the Palais Chaillot. With a unique sound track of dramatic pounding like there is something about to happen,  he had our senses awake and our eyes delighted. A strong tailoring work with very elegant lines, some layers and compelling styling. If we where a little sleepy from last night Ackermann woke us up in a good way :). Great way to start the day. 

Be Sophisticated,





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