Candy Tribe and Gummy Bear Gypsies

Manish Arora FW 2014

ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3792 ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3812 ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3794 ManishArorafw2014IMG_3803 Manisharorapumps2014IMG_3799 ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3823 ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3796 ManishAroraFW2014IMG_3825 ManishAroraFw2014IMG_3795

With Manish Arora there is something that is sure you will find: color and joy , the thing to discover is where the inspiration will come from?, which country?, which culture?, which thrend? what will be the universe proposed? As Manish always creates a universe more than a collection. This season the press release starts with a few words that define it to perfection : A candy tribe of sweet toothed gypsies. Oversize ice-cream prints and sugary landscapes adorn Peruvian circle skirts and ancient Chinese workers trousers. A collection that is filled with youth and playfulness, little surprises like built in LED lights both in the clothes and the over sized sneakers that look like toys more than shoes. But beyond the inspiration of the collection there is the mastery on the craftsmanship in some of the pieces, the embroidery and styles of hand work are simply extraordinary, we could almost say Haute Couturish. The make up and compliments where an expression of art on their own, always a trademark of Manish, always with an inspiration of his beloved India. Definitely a nice show that our a smile in our faces in this Parisian rain that started with rain.

Be Playful


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