Vionnet Paris

Vionnet Paris FW 2014

vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3746 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3747 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3741 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3752 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3757 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3766 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3749 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3763 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3772 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3743 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3777 vionnetparisfw2014IMG_3779

Vionnet Paris is a house that has season by season through presentations and now beautiful shows, taking inspiration from the core values of the brand as its codes but taking them into the new century we can say. Ashkenazi the Oil mogul that has true passion for clothes, who recently took over the house is seeing through to the healthy revival of the house, working together with the creative teams in the extraordinary task. This last catwalk can show us that she is doing a great job. The photos speak for themselves, my favorite moment, Zazkia De Braw who I have not seen in ages in a show, so cool. Time will tell what the evolution of the house will be in the following years and we will be here to watch :).

Be Great,




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