Dries Van Noten Backstage

Dries Van Noten BFW 2014

DriesVanNotenFW2014IMG_3725 DriesVanNotenFw2014IMG_3727 DriesVanNotenFw2014IMG_3732 DriesVanNOtenFW2014IMG_3729 DriesVanNotenFW2014IMG_3722 DriesVanNotenfw2014IMG_3734 DriesVanNotenFW2014IMG_3728 DriesVannotenFW2014IMG_3730 DriesVanNotenfw2014IMG_3733 DriesVanNotenFW2014IMG_3724

In life it is all about right timing, when you want something, you are alert and decisive opportunities sprout, but you have to take them quickly , not think to much, will it work or not, Just Do It ! Seize the moment ;), apart from taking photos and showing you some bits and pieces of this fashion adventure I hope to in some way inspire you to follow your heart!.

I am a little philosophical it is because it was my first Dries Van Noten  show, just 5 words, extraordinary, I want it all. I sneaked in backstage to give you a little glimpse after the show, while Dries Van Noten was being interviewed, the look book board and faces. The show to come!

Be at the Right Time,




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