Yang LI FW 2014

yanglifw2014IMG_3628 Yanglifw2014IMG_3619 Yanglifw2014 yangLifw2014IMG_3592 Yanglifw2014IMG_3598 yanglifw2014IMG_3597 Yanglifw2014IMG_3599 YangLifw2014IMG_3606

Today I discovered Yang Li, another of the upcoming designers you are going to hear more about. Born in Beijing and raised in Australia, Li started his fashion story in Central Saint Martin’s and polished his learning under the protection of Raf Simmons at his atelier in Belgium, indeed you can see the influence innovation on his cuts and volumes but on the materials to, flirting with luxury openly, making various pieces in mink, how about the top and skirt, it is the first time I have seen this, and contenting the recent trend of mink tops with words on them.He also used pony in an amazing bordeaux to die for.  He named his collection DREAMER, I love the name, it is good we all get in touch with our dreamer side. I was very happy for this discovery and excited to see what he will become in the next years :).

Be a Dreamer,




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