Bare Back Winter

Damir Doma FW 2014

DamirDomafw2014IMG_3542 DamirDomaFw2014IMG_3544 DamirDomaFW2014IMG_3545 Damirdomafw2014IMG_3546 DamirDomaFW2014IMG_3547 DamirDomaFW2014IMG_3548 DamirDomaFW2014IMG_3550 DamirDomaFW2014IMG_3552

The second day of Paris Fashion Week started with the Damir Doma show, which showed a maturing in the signature style of Damir. With an original soundtrack, no music but voices . Soon I will share the highlights, I wanted to share the two last looks that are a very cool proposal for next winter, bare backs in dress or jumper. It is going to be a sexy winter in 2014 :).

Be Uncovered,




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