Let it Rain

Kenzo Ss 2014

kenzoss2014IMG_9945 kenzoss2014IMG_9948 kenzoss2014IMG_9953 Kenzoss2014IMG_9955 Kenzoss2014IMG_9954 kenzoss2014IMG_9956 kenzoss2014IMG_9959 Kenzoss2014IMG_9968 kenzoss2014IMG_9964 Kenzoss2014IMG_9969 kenzoss2014IMG_9964 KenzoSS2014IMG_9972

As always the Kenzo duo o Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are always surprising us with their majestic stages always in the the outside corners of Paris but with the shows they give we forgive them the ride :). IN the ne Cite du Cinema in Saint Denis they layed on the ground giant speakers filled with water that bounced with the effect of the sounds. The print of this year following the tiger and eye’s of the last season’s is the fish… are we addressing a specific market on the far east? maybe! They know their marketing and surprise effect at the end the models lined up to be behind a very big curtain of rain to compliment the theme of the collection.

Be Fresh,




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