Handsome Men, Handsome Moment

Ferragamo Men Spring Summer 2014


Yesterday a German Newspaper asked for pictures of front rows, it was hard to remember what I have with the more than 10k pictures I have lying around my hard drives, but I was really happy because I got to relocate what pictures I have, I think I am very behind on the posting! but that is another subject :). I found some little treasures, here is the celebrity seating of the Ferragamo Men’s 2014 show. All are upcoming stars. Starting from the left Mark Salling, Israel Broussard, Marco Mengoni, Godffrey Gao and the gorgeous Alan Cappeli (we like him!) and on the floor beside him one of the men of the house James Ferragamo. I love this picture, it is a pure moment, with the perfect light, frozen forever.

Be a star,




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