Bouchra Jarrar Haute Avant – Garde

BouchraJarrarIMG_2348 BouchraJarrarIMG_2353 BouchraJarrarIMG_2344 BouchraJarrarIMG_2351 BouchraJarrarIMG_2339 BouchraJarrarIMG_2340 BouchraCharrarIMG_2321 BouchraJarrarIMG_2352 BouchraJarrarIMG_2326 BouchraJarrarIMG_2345 BouchraJarrarIMG_2338 BouchraJarrarIMG_2355 BouchraJarrarIMG_2360 BouchraJarrarIMG_2363

Bouchra Jarrar is unique inside the Haute Couture calendar ( that she officially joined in 2013 after several season’s of being just a guest). This petite creative woman with Moroccan origins, shows us every season the other side of couture, “Constructed Tayloring”. In most shows we are use to seeing mainly dresses suit for the Oscar’s or the latest gala’s but with her we see the most unique and beautiful I most add “suits” or “ensembles”, mixing the classical with the avant-garde, by cuts, fabrics  and techniques giving a unique outcome, pieces that would be not for a night but for a lifetime as a piece of art. This was my first show and it really was a pleasure to discover it live.

Be Avant-Garde,




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