Renzo Rosso

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Renzo Rosso is the founder of DIESEL and chairman of the evolving fashion group Only The Brave. He is one of my favorite entrepreneurs in the industry, with a heart filled with guts and a creative vision this italian who grew up helping his father in his farm in the Veneto Region has re-invented jeans and has given the big guys of the time a lesson on re-invention of such a established product, creating a denim empire along the way. Today it is said that they have sold over a 100M pairs all over the world! I could tell you all his story but you will have all the scoop here, no detail missed and worth reading.  In the last years he has also expanded his brand portfolio by acquiring stakes on some of the world’s most prestigious brands :Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor and Rolf, and also being the manufacturer and distributor of Vivianne Westwoood, Just Cavalli and Marc Jacobs Men, in some years he may become an italian version of Bernard Arnault or Francois Pinault. His story impresses me, as today he is not only a successful business man, he really has fun in the process, involving himself in the process of creativity, living his slogan “successful living”. Besides all this fun and money he is also giving back through the Only the Brave foundation where through innovation and creation more than 40,000 have been helped to improve their living conditions.

 I had a moment with him on the last Viktor and Rolf Haute Couture show, I asked him what is his secret, he gave me a very simple answer “Always believe in what you do, what you are dreaming about and use all the creativity you’ve got, one way or the other you will make it” .  I would ad a few hours of work and persistence, some ideas take time to sprout out, but once they do, bum!

Simple but true :).

Be Extraordinaire,




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