Ballet Couture by Viktor and Rolf

Viktor and Rolf Haute Couture SS 2014

ViktorandROlfHauteCoutureIMG_2896 viktorandrolfIMG_2916 viktorandrolfIMG_2919 viktorandrolfIMG_2917 ViktorandROlfHauteCouturess2014IMG_2893 viktorandrolfhauteoutureIMG_2935 ViktorandRolfHauteCoutureIMG_2938 ViktorandRoldHauteCoutureIMG_2937 ViktorandRolfHauteCoutureIMG_2941

For the second season after their comeback to Haute Couture Viktor and Rolf are getting the creativity up again, slowly but surely we hope as in their comeback, all black color was a little disappointing considering the numerous times they took out the wow from our hearts and minds with their unique theatrical settings, and mind blowing clothes. This season they called the National Ballet of Amsterdam to be their models and go in the catwalks “A pointe” all the time, quite a huge challenge even for these masters of their trait, all dresses where made of thin latex-type of fabric that gave the impression of transparency, in color like pink, skin, peach (trademark colors of the brand) , decorated with what seemed tattoos of bows, birds and pins.

At the end of the show the launched their new fragrance “Bon Bon” that is why we see the poster at the end of the show, which I have to ad is really good, I never make promotion of things in the blog but this one was exceptionally good. Let’s see what this Dutch duo will have in store. In the meantime:

Be in Balance,




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