The Butterflies of Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS 2014

JeanPaulGaultierHauteCouturess2014IMG_2749 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCOuturess2014IMG_2719 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2721 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCOutureSS2014IMG_2726 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2727 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2736 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2745 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCouturess2014IMG_2747 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2766 JeanPaulGaulierSS2014IMG_2826 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2768 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2785 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2793 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2835 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2757 JeanPaulGaultierSS2014IMG_2724 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCoutureSS2014IMG_2789 JeanPaulGaultierSS2014IMG_2790 JeanPaulGaultierSS2014IMG_2842 JeanPaulGaultierHauteCouturess2014IMG_2873

Haute Couture week 2014 is almost over, Jean Paul Gaultier is of course one of the highlights of the closing of the week. This season his creativity that seemed a little stale in the lasts season’s bloomed, like the caterpillar to the butterfly. this season Gaultier not only made us smile but dream, between color, beauty and elegance. The star butterfly was Dita Von Teese that was the muse of the collection, no wonder it was all about femininity :). A big applause for the darling of Haute Couture!





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