Kinetic Couture

Oscar Carvallo Couture SS 2014

 Oscarcarvallocouturess2014IMG_2460OscarCarvalloCouturess2014IMG_2470 OscarCarvalloCouturess2014IMG_2472 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2508 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2485 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2486 OscarCarvalloCOuturess2014IMG_2487 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2488 OscarCarvalloCouturess2014IMG_2489 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2504 OscarCarvalloCoutureSS2014IMG_2506

Yesterday night Oscar Carvallo had his third show in Paris. In close collaboration with Kinetic Art master Cruz Diez he created one of the most creative collections of the season, color, mirrors, textures tantalizing accessories, even though the started quite late the public was happy and pleased both press and friends went out raving how creative it was, how unique. It is exciting and nice to hear as couture is starting to lack that creative spark, may things are too safe, to the same, Oscar has shown in three seasons he can play with creativity not sticking to “one” style, which can pave the road to a star career in this amazing world. Here are some moments before the show, where spontaneity is king, there are no poses, just excitement, rush and beauty.

Be Creative,




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