L’instant d’Avant

Bill Tornade FW 2013

billtornadeIMG_1498BillTornade290 BillTornade291 BillTornade292 BillTornade294 billtornadeIMG_1480 BillTornade295 BillTornade296 BillTornade297 billtornadeIMG_1394 billtornadeIMG_1455 BilltornadeIMG_1451 BilltornadeIMG_1456 billtornadeIMG_1462 BilltornadeIMG_1467 BilltornadeIMG_1482 billtornadeIMG_1468 billtornadeIMG_1474 BilltornadeIMG_1483 billtornadeIMG_1485 BilltornadeIMG_1493billtornadeIMG_1499 billtornadeIMG_1502 billtornadeIMG_1506 billtornadeIMG_1530

After being in the runways for a while I am starting to fall in love with the Backstage “The Behind the Scenes”. Here is my first men’s experiment I have done women’s before and now is the turn of the boys, which is quite fun as they are always relaxed and don’t take themselves very seriously. You get to catch more spontaneous moments by being a pure observer :).  Here we are at Bill Tornade the parisian brand known for its unique dandyish-parisian style. Mixing the casual with a touch of formality a right mix for the modern man.






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