Matteo Gioli

Super Duper Hats Pitti Uomo 85

MatteoSuperIMG_8873 MatteoSuperIMG_8874 MatteoSuperIMG_8875  superduper147B1172 superdupper147B1162

Matteo Gioli is one of the three members of the trio of the Super Duper Hats brand. The upcoming Florentine brand that has won last summer during Pitti Uomo 84 the Vogue Who’s Next prize. Ilaria and Veronica Cornaccini are the other two designers, they decided to create a brand of Hats with a heart centered philosophy of making each piece by hand, with craftsmanship and love, inspired from the past  but adapted to the modern men and women. They see the hat as a jewelry that not only decorates or covers the head but gives you a unique personality (true this year I bought my first hat, it is a head turner). Just today they had a special presentation today in the Pitti 85 edition at the Fortezza da Basso in the heart of Florence, sexy mine workers of the beginning of the the xxth century modeled in a unique way each heat. I met Matteo for the first time last January, you can’t help to notice him, the beard, the hat, the whole look, he does not need advertising, he is the brands spoke person. At that time he had his presentation with the Art First group that every year puts together special installations that mix fashion and art at Pitti Uomo and his regular stand, I am sure he did not know what would happen down the road. In one year the brand has come center stage not only in Pitti Uomo but  through the international press and major retailers. Like we say in France, Chapeau!

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