Happy 2014

Time to come back


I have a confession to make : I almost let my blog die, but after having a few end of year reflections I noted the one thing I have loved most in the past years is to create this space, finding the images and the inspiration and being there in those moments have made me happier than any job I have ever had, so it is time to come back. First of all a big thank you to the people who wrote me and motivated me, my friends and family. I wish you all a very successful 2014, one where your heart leads the way making your dreams and visions come true, where roads open and you find yourself in the right place, at the right time with the right spirits because it is on those precise moments where the extraordinary happens :). Keep yourself always positive, strong and with faith every problem has a solution and nothing is impossible, you just have to believe on what you want and keep walking no matter what. You will get to Rome even if for some reason you had to pass by Vladivostok first :).

Be Extraordinaire,




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