Kate and Marc

Before the last show

KateandMarcIMG_4916 KateandMarcIMG_4912 KateandMarcIMG_4910 KateandMarcIMG_4909 KateandMarc1IMG_4917

When I took this pictures in March for the Fall Winter Louis Vuitton show I did not know that it would be the before last show of Marc Jacobs, which makes it more valuable, this is the last show that Kate Moss did for Marc and impossible to get this moment again, a little piece of fashion history. You can see the pure moment, even Susie Menkes (the most serious of all journalist) was taking pictures, considering she has see so much she knew you will never see this one again. Behind them there was the daughter and mother of Kate Moss which makes everything even more sweeter. A little gift of the universe being in the right moment at the right time with the right spirit :). I wonder how the Nicholas Gesquiere moments will be…

Be in te moment,




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