Ottoman Chic – Hakaan

Supermodel Mementos

HakaanFW2013IMG_4279 Hakaanfw2013IMG_4278 hakaanfw2014IMG_4262 Hakaanfw2013IMG_4265 hakaanfw2013IMG_4289 hakaanfw2013IMG_4287 HakaanFw2013IMG_4272 hakaanfw2013IMG_4284 hakaanIMG_4266 hakaanfw2013IMG_4285Hakaanfw2013IMG_4269 Hakaanfw2013IMG_4264 hakaanfw2013IMG_4295 hakaanfw2013IMG_4307

Hakaan is one of Turkey’s biggest promises inside fashion one of the few turkish designers that has gained his spot on the mainstream of fashion.  Surrounded by some of the most influential characters from Katy Grand to Carine Roitfeld, not to mention the enormous supports he gets from the “it: models of the moment, Mariacarla Boscono, Lindsey Wixon, Saskia among many others. He has a unique style that as a futuristic touch and form. Here are some highlight moments of his last FW 2013 show in the Paris Westin.

Be in the future,




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