Manish Arora

Between India and Paris

ManishArorafe2013 ManishArorafw2013IMG_1557 ManishAroraFW2013IMG_1561 ManishArorafw2013IMG_1553 manisharorafw2013IMG_1552 ManishArorafw2013555 manisharorafw2013IMG_1559 ManishArorafw2013jmanisharorasIMG_1567

The Vacations are over and it is time to get back on track get back to work and back to your dreams :), even if sometimes we forget between the routine and other things. I am happy because the fall is near you can feel it on the fresh air that is emerging and now I will be able to share with you my favorite moments of the FW shows in their right timing. I start with Manish Arora as this summer I have been very inspired by yoga, meditation, India and the goddesses, so who better to lead this mood than Manish, that every season takes us to his land in a creative joyful way, even though each season he is getting a little more sober he still keeps his roots in the eye, with those amazing colors and jewels, it is nice to keep that exotic side on your everyday life, you don’t need to travel far to go there.

Be Exotic,





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