Lanvin, Glamour and Pop Corn

Lanvin FW 2013

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It has been a long time I have not posted, I guess it is not the best sign when you write this often…  but is better later than never. Today I had a free moment and I felt to do it, I have so much material from the last month is time to re-start the motors, considering fall is around the corner why not start with last FW 2013 shows. Lanvin one of my favorite shows, I always get some nice moments there. As I was making this post I affirm I go to shows for the moments, yes I love the clothes but at the end of the day I like to observe everything, the star, the models, the lights even peep on the people I admire and it all blends into an exciting experience, I am not sure I would love this as much if it was just clothes and some models. Her you  the amazing Catherine Deneuve, glamourous as always simply being human enjoying the pop corn given at the beginning of the show, she could not eat before because of all the paparazzi frenzy (check here) then the beaming light , girls racing their shadows from left to right, but even then taking a moment to close their eyes and breath.  Yes, Jefferson Hack and Franca Sozzani the two people in the industry I admire the most, my aspirations, always elegantly watching. Last but not least Alber as usual creating his own moments in the middle of journalists, loved ones and fans , actually I think sometimes he is the moment.  Few designers have this allure today, it is just part of him and the Lanvin shows.

Be in the moment,




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